Shiatsu Massage by Olga - Licensed Massage Therapist, Therapeutic Massage, Relieving back and foot pain, Specializing in calf, foot and back massage (our therapeutic specialty), Japanese Shiatsu Massage, acupressure.  Helps circulation, reduces pain, relieves stress, promotes sleep at the Longhouse in Gulfport, similar to a massage spa environment. 



                     Olga's Shiatsu Testimonial Letters



"I look forward to my weekly massage, it relieves tension and makes me feel relaxed and refreshed.  I love Olga's massage!"   Carol  


"Olga is the best.  I am a snowbird and 81 years old and I've been around long enough to know when someone is the best!"  Mary

"The best massage ever.  She seems to know exactly what I need, every shiatsu massage.  I love her massages."  Jane


"I really love Olga's shiatsu massage.  It's deep and specific - exactly what an athletic woman like myself needs."  Ann


To set up an appointment contact Olga at 727-504-2163 or email her at, and you also can feel the benefits of shiatsu massage. 


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