Shiatsu Massage by Olga - Licensed Massage Therapist, St Petersburg/Gulfport Florida, Therapeutic Massage, Relieving back and foot pain, Specializing in calf, foot and back massage (our therapeutic specialty), Japanese Shiatsu Massage, acupressure.  Helps circulation, reduces pain, relieves stress, promotes sleep at the Longhouse in Gulfport, similar to a massage spa environment. 



        About Olga and Therapeutic Massage - Shiatsu 


I was living in New York City, making a living as an actor, doing regional theatre and commercial television work.  In 1977 there was a black out in Manhattan where I lived on the upper west side.  It was a glorious night for many of us as we hung out on the stoops on brownstones and talked with each other - all of us feeling like we'd found a long-lost neighborhood of friends.  Of course, when the electricity came back the next day, we never saw each other again.  On that fateful morning I did not pick up another cigarette or bottle of beer, both of which had become my daily habit. 


I was also on a medication for minor epilepsy and had read that the side effects could be blindness or deterioration of the bone marrow; this information was in an article about Billy Carter's brother who was also on this drug.  I had decided when I read the article a year before this night that I wanted to get off this medication. 


So, I was on my way.  I went through withdrawal and eventually I started reading about diet in East/West Magazine and I changed everything in my life.  I read about wearing natural fabrics, I made my own flour, I got a sieza desk and bench, I started sleeping on a futon, I got a book on Do-In and started doing self-massage each morning in Central Park at 6:30.  I used to be one of those drunks coming home early in the am - now I was sitting gently pounding on my meridians as people walked by (wondering what the heck I was doing!). 


And then I had my first shiatsu massage with Diane Parker; a wonderful, vibrant woman, living on the lower east side.  When she worked on me, she diagnosed my liver condition, telling me I shouldn't have any alcohol for five to seven years.  How extraordinary that she knew me inside and out, without me saying a word about my previous habits.  But what really woke me up was that when I left from that shiatsu massage, I experienced an energy coursing throughout my body, an energy I had never felt before.  Today we read about that energy and I understand it better.  I can help my shiatsu massage clients experience that energy and feel it as I have. 


After I had a few barefoot shiatsu massage sessions, I took some shiatsu massage therapy classes including one with Linda Nenno, who became an instructor at the Swedish Institute of Massage, in Manhattan, New York.  Attending school was a great factor in building my confidence as a barefoot shiatsu massage therapist.  I graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage and am proud to say I got a score of 100% on my practical exam.  I passed the New York Board and received my license to practice.  I worked at the Manhattan Health Club doing shiatsu massage, and enjoyed many of the people that I met there.    


After living in Manhattan for 13 years I moved back to the Midwest and worked in an acupuncture clinic in Oak Park and Chicago, doing shiatsu massage.  Dr Charles Lo and his wife, Allison Lo, run the two clinics, where I gained additional knowledge about shiatsu massage and alternative medicine techniques.  While in the Midwest I also became competent in a special technique for natural face lift improvements.  This is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, pressing certain key points on the face and neck, stimulating circulation in the cells of the facial tissue, improving skin tone and looks.  Also, your entire body feels energized after this facial shiatsu massage. 


So how did I end up in St Petersburg, Florida doing shiatsu massage at the LongHouse in Gulfport?  Several years ago I moved back in with my parents and became their cook.  I was able to help my parents overcome food allergies and together we learned how to make tofu taste delicious!  My parents moved to St. Petersburg about 15 years ago from the Midwest and I ended up here, as many of my friends here, have done.  Why Gulfport?  It is an artist's community with a theatre!  I felt at home, finding an artistic community where I could practice shiatsu massage and be connected to the theatre once again. 


It feels wonderful to be able to help my clients have relief from pain and tightness, improving circulation, releasing tension and tightness, promoting good sleep, relaxing and energizing the body simultaneously.  Shiatsu massage releases toxins, rejuvenates, and very importantly, alleviates tightness and pain in the shoulders and lower back, increasing mobility and flexibility.  Benefits from shiatsu massage can be felt after the first session.   

To set up an appointment contact Olga at 727-504-2163 or email her at, and you also can feel the benefits of shiatsu massage. 


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